• Rep. Lou Barletta on Wednesday welcomed the release of an American contractor held prisoner for years in Cuba, but blasted the White House for moving closer to normalizing relations with the island nation. … Read more here.

  • Under questioning from Rep. Barletta, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson was unable to state how President Obama’s executive amnesty benefits legal Americans: Watch here.

  • Barely 48 hours after President Barack Obama unilaterally granted amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants, “Saturday Night Live” satirized the move in a remake of an old “Schoolhouse Rock” educational cartoon. In the sketch, Obama repeatedly shoved legislation (“Bill”) down the steps of the Capitol, displaying his contempt for the legislative process. Regrettably, the comedy writers at NBC have a better grasp on how a bill becomes a law under the U.S. Constitution than does the president of the United … read more