• It has been five years since former Hazleton mayor Lou Barletta became a member of Congress. Representing the 11th Congressional District, Barletta lives in Washington, D.C., during the week and returns to Hazleton on weekends and breaks. … Billions saved Barletta is chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure subcommittee. Part of the subcommitte’s job is to oversee the operations of all federal buildings. During his work on the committee, Barletta ascertained that each federal employee was getting 1,500 square feet … read more

  • U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta on Wednesday called on Congress to finally act on defunding so-called “sanctuary cities,” localities that resist or ban enforcement of federal immigration laws, or flatly refuse to cooperate with immigration officials. Barletta, R-11, Hazleton, led a panel discussion on the topic hosted by the Center for Immigration Studies at the National Press Club. He highlighted his legislation, the Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act, which will stop all federal funds from flowing to such jurisdictions. … “And … read more

  • WASHINGTON–A handful of bills from Capitol Hill targeting the more than 200 sanctuary cities were proposed by at least three different GOP members in both chambers, but some wonder if passing such laws would solve anything Unless laws at the federal level are enforced, Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Lou Barletta says he is doubtful legislation holding sanctuary cities accountable for not cooperating with federal authorities on alien detainers will be effective. “There’s not a will here in Congress to deal with it. … read more