• Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Pa.) has filed legislation to revamp the Department of Transportation’s system for measuring the safety of trucking and bus companies. Barletta said the measure, which has been dubbed the Safer Trucks and Buses Act, is needed because truck companies are unfairly penalized for minor infrastructions under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s current Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) scoring system. “A faulty safety score might as well be no safety score,” Barletta said in a statement.  “I have … read more

  • We have immigration laws in this country for two basic reasons: to preserve American jobs and to protect national security. President Barack Obama’s unlawful executive actions to grant amnesty to at least 5 million illegal immigrants violate both of those principles. Any objective review must find that the president’s policies have placed the concerns of those who have broken our laws ahead of the interests of citizens and legal residents of the United States. … Read more here.

  • Republican Pennsylvania congressman Lou Barletta is hoping that the third time is the charm for a bill that cleared the U.S. House on Tuesday. His legislation to ensure that volunteer firefighters are not counted as full-time employees under the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate had passed the House twice before Tuesday’s 415-0 vote. Both last year and in January, the bill also had unanimous support. … The week after that February vote, Barletta reintroduced the bill, which he says would … read more